Gorgeous, unique, and elegant!

While I am certainly not a seamstress (well, not of anything you'd want to wear!), I can certainly point out a great frock when I see one!  

And I see tons of them at Dainty Jewell's!!

Most of you have probably discovered her store but for those who haven't, you simply must check this out!!

From ankle-length to knee-length, from Vintage to ultra contemporary, her styles are boundless and simply adorable!

I have a wish list a mile long...Oops!  I hope my husband doesn't find it!

They have dresses, men's ties, children's clothing, and even shoes!  You've simply got to explore this shop!  I may not be a seamstress or own a store, but I love directing my friends to great resources and this one is amazing!

Check it out at!

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