Pastel Isn't Just for Easter Eggs!

‘Dying’ to be feminine, soft, and elegant this season? Try pastels for a delightful twist on the trench!

One of the best things you can do to highlight your skin, giving your face a rosy glow, is wearing pastels—especially those in the pink family! For this outfit, I chose a coral trench without its belt over a tan skirt! And, of course, the shoes compliment the exact hue of the trench!

Trench coats were rarely seen in pastel until recent years, but the combination is quite elegant!  To spice it up, don’t forget a beautiful hairband or flower. You are a woman—look like it!

From soft, muted tones of green, blue, and yellow, the pastel trench coat does indeed exist…and thrive!


  1. Beautiful coat!! Love it!

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  2. I Just found your blog and you are an inspiration.

    I am a new Christian who is keeping modest and your blog proves one can be modest and still claim a sense of style.