The War of Tulle and Roses

Soft and feminine are looks that are seldom seen in today's world. Ever since women adorned large jackets with enormous, football-worthy shoulder pads in an effort to garner equality with men in the workplace, we ladies have been venturing farther and farther from the very things that make us attractive to the men we love. From mismatched compilations of stained and faded rags to hyper-masculine jackets and boots, one wonders what there is to cuddle up to any more.

Woman, the creation, is a masterpiece. We are the second being of reason to be created after man and we were created as a compliment to him. We were not constructed to rival him but to shore up his imperfections with our unique gift of womanhood.

For instance, my husband is fantastic with our son, teaching him to test his limits. When he has a minor fall, my husband teaches him to brush it off and get back in the game. When he recently fractured his leg on a slide, my husband was the first to take him--with daddy, of course--down another one even with the cast on so that Ethan would not fear slides but rather overcome them. My son giggles every time now.

I'm the more sensitive, motherly type. My son falls and I'm instantly running to his rescue. The other day, my husband suggested I give him some space to cry it out but then we decided that my "mothering" was okay. Daddies are here to teach our kids to pick themselves back up; mothers are here to hold us when we're sick and hurting and need that extra embrace.

I'm soft. I'm a woman...and you know what? That's okay. God made me that way. I am His masterpiece, not only created in His image but also created in such a way that appeals to my husband. And that's not something I care to lose just to get ahead in a career.

Today's marketplace has really grown in that employers seldom consider your outfit or gender to be indicative of your abilities. A dress works just as well as a power pantsuit if you are a hard worker!

This week, try something feminine. This look is comprised of a soft tulle skirt with rosebud heels from our wedding. I paired them with a cream blouse adorned in pastel roses over a gold tank top with soft cream ruffles. Cinch in that waist with a gold belt to keep it all proportioned and we've got a bit of feminine charm going on this week!

Would I suggest this look for working in the garden or cooking dinner? I should say not! But for an evening out or joining your sweetheart at church, I think it's just perfect! What element of femininity have you included this week?

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